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99.95 Starter Kit

Kanger Evod Starter Kit
This fantastic kit is perfect for new or experienced vapers.

Add some juice, and this kit includes everything you will need to vape with great style, performance, and Kanger quality. The batteries and tanks are made for each other, match perfectly, and work great together.

The Evod tanks are bottom coil design, which […]

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Health Canada order to stop

E-cigarette seller fights Health Canada order to stop

A Fredericton store owner who sells e-cigarettes is fighting an order from Health Canada to stop.

Ryanne Pineda’s East Coast Vape also produces the flavoured vaporizing liquids that deliver nicotine to e-cigarette users as a vapour.

He says he has a growing clientele of more than 2,000 local and […]

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Ban vaping on airplanes

Department of Transportation to ban vaping on airplanes

REPORT BY: A. Pawlowski, CNN

(CNN) — Puffing on electronic cigarettes is already a no-no on flights, but the government wants there to be no doubt.

The Department of Transportation is proposing to explicitly ban the use of the devices on planes.

“Airline passengers have rights, and this new rule […]

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